Welcome To Nevis Group LLC

Nevis Group LLC was founded in 1998 providing engineering services on a contract basis to many different industries. From very small and power sensitive medical monitoring devices to 1000 plus horse power engine management systems. We have provided many one of a kind solutions to industry as well as designed retail consumer products that we then sourced in China and Indonesia.


Circuit board for a consumer product.

Nevis Group has been designing and programming embedded systems from the beginning. Microprocessors and microcontrollers are in just about everything. We designed a talking calendar and appointment reminder for visually impaired. You can find it at Finger-String.com and read more about it below. For one of our medical devices clients, we developed a calibration fixture that delivers calibration gasses with very stable pressure and flow rates to the sensor.

Motion control has been a big part of our business. From very large gantry robots to very high precision laser welding systems. Electronic line shafting replaces a solid drive shaft with individual servo motors. This provides much more flexibility and 'on the fly' adjustments that would be difficult at best on a mechanical system.


Control panel for a robotic case packer

PLC programming is also a big part of what we do. Allen Bradley, Seimens, Automation Direct are a few of the many systms that we design and program. Whether making changes to existing machines, or building new machines from scratch. We have setup and tuned many PID loops. From long term heater controls to very fast servo systems.

Inspection systems and automation go hand in hand. The camera is only half of the solution. Structured lighting is just as important, but often overlooked. At the high end, optical character recognition can get quite complex. At the other end of the scale might be just a simple photoeye.


Connecting just about anything to the Internet This image is generated from scratch every time this page is loaded. This is a Peet Bros. Weather Picture at our offices. Once a minute the latest weather info is uploaded to our server from our offices. A PHP script then uses that data to generate this image every time the page is refreshed.

Here is a small case study of the project we did for Finger-String. We helped the inventer of the product take it from just an idea to a consumer product.

One of the more interesting machines that we built was a 20 X 40 foot gantry style X-Y robot. Huge sheets of glass get cooling passages etched into them on this cost effective machine.

We were tasked by one customer to find out why hundreds of electronic control boards that they just manufactured did not work.